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Premium Ice Cream

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Claravale Farm ice cream is made with our own Jersey cream, using a recipe that highlights its fresh, clean flavor.

Why do “gourmet” ice creams these days feature cloying sweetness, hyper-intense and unusual flavors, and chunks of stuff with never a mention of the cream? Because with most of these ice creams when you take away the sugar, flavors, and chunks all that is left is a low quality, prepackaged and over processed ice cream "base" which may or may not contain cream at all. High levels of sugar and food additives are used to give the product a "creamy" texture in place of real cream, which is expensive, to cut production costs and improve shelf life.

At Claravale Farm, we think gourmet ice cream begins and ends with gourmet cream. Claravale Farm ice cream is made with our own high quality, fresh, pure Jersey cream, a reasonable amount of sugar, fresh egg yolks and a touch of salt. Claravale ice cream has a texture reminiscent of home-made ice cream from a hand cranked churn and a mouth feel that leaves no doubt that the cream is there. If you are looking for sophisticated texture, intense sweetness, and unusual and complex flavor combination then don’t buy Claravale ice cream. If you are looking for a simpler ice cream in which the fresh, clean, old-fashioned dairy taste of quality cream is dominant then Claravale is for you.

Our "Jersey Cream" flavor (our most popular) is our basic recipe with no additional flavoring whatsoever. In our "Jersey Cream" the cream truly stands alone as the dominant flavor and imparts a fresh clean taste that has not been readily available in ice cream for over a generation. "Jersey Cream" clearly demonstrates that when you start with high quality Jersey cream, intense and unusual flavors are an unnecessary distraction. Our chocolate and vanilla are made with milder flavors which highlight rather than overpower the taste of the cream.

Claravale ice cream is made with no thought of convenience and without the benefit of modern food chemistry. No gimmicks, just ice cream; and never any chunks of anything.