Testimonial and experience from Mimi Neandross, November 2020: 

"Owning a cow has been a dream of mine for the past ten years.  In a simple google search for Jersey cows, I discovered Claravale Farm's website. I was giddy as I was very familiar with their raw milk in glass bottles and have purchased their milk, both cow’s and goat’s, whenever making homemade cheese or yogurt.  I immediately emailed for more information and connected with Ron.  Over the past 6 months Ron has patiently answered ALL of my questions about owning a family cow.  And I had a TON of questions, even after reading every book about family cows and combing every homesteading website.  Ron’s answers were always honest and direct and helped me feel supported in my quest to take the leap, and buy the cow.  Ron allowed me and my sons to visit his farm and to ask a million more questions and to practice handling a cow.  The visit sealed the deal for me and as soon as I had Buttercup’s pasture set up, Ron helped me arrange for her transportation. Ron ensured she arrived a month before she was due so that we could get to know each other.  And for every kink that needed to be worked out in our bovine-human relationship, Ron was available to provide guidance. More than his incredibly beautiful and well trained cows, it is Ron himself that has made this such an incredible and positive experience.  Thank you Ron!!!!"