Backyard, Family Milk Cows Available


If you are looking for a family milk cow we have the perfect solution.  

On an ongoing basis we have a limited number of Jersey heifers available that are bred, raised, and trained to fit in and perform well in a backyard or small farm environment. These heifers are pure (but unregistered) Jerseys bred to a pure Jersey bull. They are raised on organic pasture and hay. They are well trained to be comfortable with people, to be handled by people, and to be easily caught, led, and tied.  

You will receive your heifer one or two months before she delivers her first calf, so that she can become comfortable with you and her new surroundings. This ensures that the delivery, and the subsequent onset of the milking regime will be as stress free as possible for you and the cow.

We supply Jersey heifers because they are the best suited to family or small farm situations, being relatively small, intelligent, and historically used to being in close human contact. They also produce the highest quality and best tasting milk of any of the more common dairy breeds.

Unless you request otherwise, your heifer will come vaccinated for brucellosis and a variety of other common diseases of cattle.

In addition, we will continue to consult with you by phone or email, if necessary, as questions or problems arise, and if necessary, supply initial hands on training on cow handling at our ranch when you pick up your heifer.

In our years in dairying we have talked to any number of people who have attempted keeping backyard milk cows. Many of these attempts have been successful but many have not, with disastrous consequences for the cow. The transition of a cow or heifer from a dairy situation, where they are in contact mostly with other cows, to a backyard situation, with a one on one relationship with a human, is not necessarily easy for them. Often, the cow simply is not aware of what is expected of her in her new life. Our backyard heifers are trained from birth for this life and are fully aware of the expectations.

Our intention with these heifers is to make your backyard cow venture rewarding and enjoyable for both you and the cow.  With our backyard heifers your chances of having a spectacularly successful backyard cow venture will increase enormously. If you don’t succeed with these heifers it won’t be the heifer’s fault.

The total cost for a fully trained heifer is $5,000.

Reserve yours today!!

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Cassandra. AKA Mudcat. NOT AVAILABLE


Katell. Goes by “Cat”. NOT AVAILABLE





Constance. Goes by "Connie". NOT AVAILABLE


Gwenaelle. Goes by "KT". NOT AVAILABLE







Buttercup. Goes by "Butter." NOT AVAILABLE