Claravale's Dairy Goats

Here at Claravale Farm, we have registered La Mancha, Alpine, & Saanen dairy goats. We also have crossbred does that are called Grades or Experimentals.

La Manchas have ears that are so small that it looks like they don't have ears at all and can be any color. The breed originated in Oregon from crosses of short-eared goats with Nubians. They have a straight nose and are a small breed. They are recognized as being a very productive breed of goats. 

Alpines can be almost any color. This breed originated in the French Alps and was first imported to the US in 1920. Their face should be straight and they have erect ears. They are popular with dairies due to the amount of milk they produce and they are recognized as the leading dairy goat breed for milk production.

Saanens are usually pure white or light cream, but white is preferred. Their ears should be a medium size and carried erect, preferably pointing forward. They have short fine hair and often have a fringe over the spine and thighs. They have a straight or dished face. They originated in Switzerland, but now represent the second most popular breed of dairy goat in the US.  They usually have a large udder capacity and are popular with dairies due to the quality of milk they produce.